Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cohen: 11 months

 The month Cohen got into mischief of one kind...or another.  That seems like an accurate opening line for our little "Wild Thing." Increased mobility and confidence has led Cohen to explore all sorts of uncharted territory like tupperware cupboards, drawers of all kinds, the dog dish, the dishwasher, and the stairs.  He can not only crawl up onto the dishwasher door but also the end table, the small platform at the bottom of our stairs when we're playing down there (leaving him stranded) and on top of any sort of box we have out, whether it's puzzles or his Colorpillar box. 

He hasn't taken any steps, but can stand by himself and walk with only light support of your fingers. He loves climbing over and around the table and chair legs and over anyone who is laying on the floor.

Tooth count remains at 7 which comes in handy as he generally eats finger foods or versions of whatever we're having. For daycare, though, I finally broke down and bought a few jars of baby food. I just couldn't keep up with the variety he needed and found myself spending more time making pureed food for him than regular food for the rest of us.

Cohen has started to show signs of knowing what "no" is (pulling out a pout or a mini tantrum) when told this and another not-so-great development is him having bit Ryan at least 3 times...usually when Ryan was wrestling with him. But, he also is getting good at entertaining himself with toys, grocery ads, or a basket of laundry...so it's nice to be able to let him "play" for a while without having to strap him in somewhere or entertain him.

He can say "ba" for ball and says "Ahhhh duhhhh" for "all done" but says this even when it doesn't apply to the situation. He LOVES to click his tongue and make smacking noises and another favorite is beeping your nose, if you provide the sound effects. He also loves playing on the piano, even from the floor, and has enjoyed a little toy piano I unearthed for him...although he seems to think one of it's primary functions is something to climb on.

He is definitely getting some more personality and growing up oh-so-fast!

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