Friday, November 1, 2013

Ryan Fall Artwork (age 4)

One of Ryan's favorite things to do lately is color with markers and crayons. I have seen vast improvement in his skills as he's practiced. Since I am trying not to keep too many art projects cluttering up the house, a suggestion I've heard is to take pictures of some of your child's favorite projects/pictures and then just put them in a book sometime. I may just post them here every once in a while and maybe it will be fun to see his progress over time. Here are a few from this fall:

I often print pages from the computer for him, and this is a Jake page he picked out. He did all of this coloring from memory (he's colored Jake often enough to know what color all of the parts of his costume are) but my favorite part is how he added the background by himself and drew "palm trees with coconuts falling down).

 Ryan has gotten more independent/imaginative with play-doh too. here is an entire scene he made himself. The white structure is an Angry Birds slingshot with a bird ready to go. He also made a "bird with a next" out of other colors and "4 bad piggies in the water". I think the tall pink structures are towers and the green is grass.
One of the many Sunday School papers he brings home. I liked how he made the fire red and orange.
A pre-school project that was hung in the hallway which I'm fairly certain is an arm-print trunk with fingerprint autumn leaves.
I think this might be from daycare so I'm not positive the other kids didn't help him, but this is one of the best ones I've seen him do with coloring everything on the page, including the background.

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