Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Turkey Supper and Voting

One of my favorite meals of the year is the ARC Turkey Supper in Hull. Adam didn't think he'd be done with practice on time, so the boys and I joined Abbie's family and my dad while my mom worked the jello distribution. Cohen gobbled up everything we put in front of him and Ryan had jello (2 less than Saylor), 1 bite of anything and then polished off a cupcake. 

Saylor enjoyed a cupcake too.
The Turkey Supper is usually held on Election Night but due to PT conferences, it was on Wednesday this year. On Tuesday, during a break in the snow storm, I took Ryan along with me to vote. The candidate we were voting for is in our small group and Ryan loves playing with his daughters so he was pumped to "cheer for their dad"  After he entertained the poll workers with a wild tale about sledding, he watched me fill in the circles and deposit my ballot. While walking back to the door, he suddenly stopped in his tracks, threw out his hands, and said, "THAT...was IT? I thought boating would be much more exciting!"  Welcome to democracy, kid.

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