Saturday, November 9, 2013

Raider Football

Ryan and Cohen have joined me at a few home games this year as we cheer on Adam's O-line and the Red Raiders. Cohen has done GREAT at the games and Ryan makes it through, usually with the help of Adam's parents and/or the Pennings. Here are a few highlights:

Team Huddle after a win
Waiting for the huddle to break so he can run on the field.

Ryan usually yells "DADDY!" as soon as he spots him and sprints into his arms.
You may want to be in Daddy's shoes someday, but first you'll have to fit in his cap!
After the game.

The players aren't the only ones exhausted after a close game.

Celebrating a big upset over #1 Morningside when we were ranked #19!

Ryan wanted in on the picture...sort of.

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