Saturday, February 7, 2015

Avonlea: 3 Months Old

When we were deciding on Avonlea's name, we tried to think of all the possible nicknames that might come up for what we and the boys might call her. Since Cohen's pattern was to call everyone a repeating syllable (Ry-Ry, Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa, etc.) we though he might call her "Lee-Lee". It's probably a good thing that didn't happen since his sound substitutions would have made her "Wee-wee!"

Here is a list of things we find ourselves calling our little girl:
"Ah-ben-wee" or "Baby Ah-ben-wee" or "Her name Ah-ben-wee" - Cohen
"Avonlea" or "Hey there, girl" - Ryan
Girly, Little Girl, Baby Girl, Miss, Smiley - Adam
Smiley Sue, Missy Mae, Honey, Sweetie, Sweetie Pie - Me

Here are some pictures of Avonlea between 2 months and 3 months old with comments about her current habits.
She loves falling asleep after eating but sometimes I wonder if she's storing everything in her cheeks? (9 weeks)
We've attempted a pacifier at times, but at most she'll chew on it and usually she'll just spit it out. (9 weeks)
She's starting to smile and coo more and more! (9 weeks)
Her hair gets a little crazy if you don't comb it down after a bath. (9 weeks)
When laying on her back, she rarely is still. She loves to kick her feet! (10 weeks)
Sometimes she is so silly, sticking her tongue out if you do it to her first!
Avonlea at 10 weeks.
She loves her soft warm jammies and sitting in your lap if you'll talk to her. (11 weeks)
Sometimes I think she's the only one of my kids who listens to anything I say! (11 weeks)
Those bright eyes are always watching! (11.5 weeks)
I call this her "Velma" face after my grandma, but don't believe this grump- Avonlea loves taking baths so we take one every night. I love how her hair curls when wet! (11.5 weeks)
This lovely-lashed beauty has stolen our hearts! (12 weeks)
She's a happy, cheerful, easy-going baby!
I can't believe she's 12 weeks old!
After the Doctor said we needed to get her used to sleeping on a flat surface, we transitioned her from sleeping the Rock N Play to sleeping in her crib. She wears a onesie and a warm sleeper and I swaddle her with her arms out in a thin blanket. She will usually go to sleep on her own on her back in the crib, but sometimes we have her listen to books while we read to the boys. She started sleeping through the night at about 9 weeks but will get up once at night a few times/week. She goes down between 8 and 9 and is usually ready to wake up between 6 and 7. We know we have it pretty good when it comes to sleep! She's gotten used to the bottles now and will drink around 4oz at a time. She's the fussiest around supper time and usually ends up sitting on one of our laps so she can be in the middle of the action at the supper table. She's getting better at holding her head up but not very interested in grasping a rattle or anything. She loves to eat/slobber on her hands and it was so funny watching her "discover" her hands and feet!  We didn't have a 3 month checkup but the good news is we haven't been to the doctor for any illnesses either. It's been so fun (but sad at the same time) to watch her grow!!

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