Sunday, February 15, 2015

Avonlea's Baptism

We were blessed to have Adam's dad baptize Avonlea at our church on Sunday.  She was baptized with a boy named Wesley whose older sister, Madie, was baptized the same day as Cohen! Avonlea did great, even smiling up at Grandpa while he was talking to her about how Jesus loves her. It was really special and we are so grateful for those who were able to join us for the celebration of making a promise to God to raise her to know him.

Who would have guessed I bought her dress for $3.99 at a second hand store? It was a little small but I think it turned out cute!

I would argue that Avonlea is fairly photogenic:

Unlike the rest of our family:

Here are the best family shots we got on Adam's phone. I'm hoping his mom's camera fared a little better!

We had everyone over for lunch and cookies afterwards. 
I think my cookies tasted pretty good but my few dozen weren't too impressive when we had enjoyed cut-out frosted cookies after church from one lady who made 1000 cookies for our church to celebrate Valentine's Day! Wow!

It was a special day and we feel so honored that God chose us to raise our special girl. She is truly a gift!

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