Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lincoln Children's Museum

We made a weekend trip to Gretna to visit Adam's brother, sister-in-law, and niece. Ryan had been counting down the days for at least 2 weeks and he really enjoyed getting to stay at their house. On Saturday morning, we made a half-hour drive to the Lincoln Children's Museum. Here are many pictures of the things we saw there, in case you have thoughts of bringing your own kids! I would say it was as good as the Children's Museum in Brookings (except this one didn't have outdoor areas) and there were enough different things that it seemed new and exciting. I would say age 1-7 is a good range. Any older than that and I'm not sure kids would be as into the imaginative play.  It was perfect for our 2 and 5 year old!

Air Traffic Controllers
Ryan told Kim "We're coming in for a crash landing!"
Checking out the controls on a plane.

Sitting in a life-size (real?) Cessna

Balls on a track

Bank vacuum tube sent scarves flying to Aunt Kim
Ryan and Mommy played a giant checkers game. He had no clue I was letting him jump me so we could move on to the next thing!

Sound Lab- this machine made different pitches the closer you brought your hand to the tuning spike

Husker Football field
Ryan decided he wanted to be the kicker.
Driving the fire truck.
Cohen the fireman in boots as tall as his legs!

Police Motorcycle
Cohen and Madie on the motorcycle
Truck Driver
Water feature where Cohen quickly leaned over that safety bar far enough to fall with both sleeves all the way in the water. Good thing I had an extra shirt for him!
Ambulance Crew

Grooming a dog, just like in Grandma's shop!

Cutting Pizza.

Prairie Dog Town. The kids can crawl in and out of tunnels and hidden ramps enough that you can lose sight of them for quite a while!
Ryan the Astronaut
Lunar Lander
Ryan on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

Avonlea looked like this much of the morning, snug in her stroller and then in the Ergo.
After we left, it wasn't long before Ryan followed suit!
We had a great visit with Andy, Kim and Madie and it was fun to get away for the weekend!

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