Monday, February 16, 2015

Momma Chop

Well, I did what many moms of 3-month-olds do (according to my hairdresser) and that is...chopping off your hair. I had much shorter hair when the boys were babies and tend to have a 2-3 year cycle of growing out my hair long and then chopping it off. It was definitely time. Although lately I'd enjoys experimenting with a few "up-dos", I was generally sick of my long, scraggly, static-filled hair and the amount of time it took to wash, dry and curl or pin up every morning.

Here's my before picture:

And here's after having 8" cut off:

I'll be donating to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I am enjoying the new cut (lots of layers, not a true reverse-bob so it will need less maintenance and blended in some long bangs with the broken-off hair I had framing my face--due to pregnancy and/or teasing my hair).

This cut has truly given me at least 15 minutes of time back every morning and I usually just need to dry with a round brush, run a straightening iron through a few pieces and tease a little up top. I'd like to experiment with curling it and pinning pieces back, but I keep reminding myself that I did this to gain some time back, so I try not to fuss with it too much.

I am super-happy with the if only those gray hairs wouldn't show up so well!

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