Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scrapbook Paper Wall

I got a bit of a hair-brained decorating idea the other day and decided to just try it instead of hemming and hawing over it forever. Our TV now has a home on a nice entertainment center instead of the drop-leaf table I was borrowing, but the rest of the wall is completely blank. I'm planning to get a mantel-type shelf to go above the TV for Christmas, but wanted some other pop of color and interest on this wall. On an earlier shopping trip I bought a book of 12"x12" scrapbook paper that matched many of the colors of the accent chair in this room. I was never sure how I was going to use it, but loved the patterns and metallic accents. So, on Friday night at about 10:00pm I decided to just put it up on the wall in a grid pattern. I used Scotch's Clear Removable Mounting Squares in each corner and wherever 2 pages connected. (More on how well this worked later). Adam helped me (God bless him for her tolerance on my erratic decorating decisions) and it took less than an hour.

It matches the accent chair (which obviously doesn't go there since that's the front door) but it pulls this wall into the rest of the room's bright decor.

To work around the outlet, I just removed the plate cover and used a scissors to cut out the corners of these pages. I have my new Scentsy warmer plugged in (and highly recommend the Hazelnut Latte scent).

But, what's the verdict on the wall?

Things I love:

  • The patterns of the paper.
  • The added interest and color on this otherwise-plain wall
  • How inexpensive it was: $20 for paper (and I used less than 1/3 of the book) plus about $7 in mounting squares.
  • It doesn't damage the wall and could easily be removed without removing paint (or even ruining the paper)
Things I don't love:
  • It's not sticking and the edges puff slightly.Several corners are unstuck each morning.
  • It's missing the purple and dark red colors.
  • It might be too much once I put stuff on the shelf above the mantel.
Things I might do differently:
  • I might try removable poster mounting tape along all the edges so it sticks better and so all the edges lay flat.
  • We might install cork board from floor to ceiling in this dimension so I can use flat gold thumbtacks to put up the paper, can easily change it out for different seasons, and can add other things like photos, ornaments, etc.
  • We might frame it out with wood either just on the left and right edges or on the entire grid. This would make it much more permanent, so I'm glad I'm trying it out for a while to see if I really like it enough to commit to that.

What do you think? Keep it? Scrap it (no pun intended)? Frame it? Pin it on Corkboard? I need help!

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Life of the Lorenzens said...

Very cool! I would first wait until you get the mantel up to see if it looks too busy compared to the other walls/areas of that space. If you still like it, I think the cork board idea is fantastic. It would be a great place to display photos, Christmas cards, kids' artwork, etc. I have the stick-on cork board squares from Target above our desk. They're pretty thin and flimsy (a thumb tack doesn't go all the way through) and fall down once in awhile. It's probably when they get too heavy or the humidity or something. I would invest in something better.