Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving #4

I worked on Friday (so I could have a 4-day Christmas break) and Adam had a fun day with Ryan at home. They got a lot done but also had fun playing! Apparently, Ryan had particular ideas about lunch, though, because when I came home over my noon hour, he can running up the stairs, saying, "Mommy! Can you go get mac and cheese from grocery store?" So I did. I'm a pushover for a full sentence from a two-year-old.

At night we headed to the Pizza Ranch to eat with my grandpa, aunt and uncle, cousin and his wife, and my family. The kids actually did really great considering how long we were there! I highly recommend the buffet for families where everyone can eat right away and find something they like: young, old, vegetarian, meat-lovers, sweet tooth, spicy, traditional and adventurous. Do I sounds like a commercial? Good.

Lincoln's favorite was cream:
Ryan's favorite was cream:
Emily's favorite was the...iphone:
Saylor was a trooper and looked adorable in her rosebud headband:
After 2 hours at the restaurant, Lincoln was tired but was content to just sit and and watch Shrek on the mounted TV.  He unknowingly beat both Abbie and me in a "don't blink" contest...twice:
The real treat, though, was that my grandpa was able to come out and enjoy time with family.
We love you, Grandpa!

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