Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

Wednesday after supper, I headed off grocery shopping to pick up all the ingredients for the French Silk Pie I was planning to make as my contribution to tomorrow's feast. After picking up all the necessary things, I went home. Adam and Ryan were planning a fun night of putting up another Christmas tree in the basement and as I put the items away, I was sad thinking about missing spending quality time with them because I would be in the kitchen for the next hour or two. I commented to Adam, "Man, it was sure tempting to just buy that French Silk Pie from Casey's Bakery that I saw at the store."  He said, "Why didn't you? Go do it!"

So, I did.

I walked back to the store, paid for the pie, and spent the rest of the evening putting up the tree with all of the ornaments Adam and I received as kids, gave Ryan a bath and read him books in bed, then watched the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie with Adam. It was SO worth it (and the pie was better than anything I could have whipped up). I don't think I've ever spent $10 in a wiser way.

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