Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving #3

We left Adam's Aunt & Uncles at 2:00, hoping to get Ryan down for a nap at my parent's. Sadly, it was not to be. After getting up at 6am, Ryan never did nap today, except for the 5 minutes in the car between gatherings.  He played all afternoon with his cousins and even got a ride from Grandpa on the Kabota. We had lots more terrific food, and just when I thought I couldn't stuff anything more in, my sister brought out the box of cupcakes she got at Scratch in Cedar Falls. After dumping my mocha one on the floor, I got to sample parts of three others. My favorite was Peanut Butter Cup and I'm really wishing we make this a tradition. (Who needs pumpkin pie?)

Emily was so excited for our "feast" and made place cards for every person (mine said "Corney"). She also gave us some interesting turkey facts she learned in preschool. Then, she gave Grandpa a few tips on how to advance to another level on Angry Birds.

The "tap to make it turn into 3 birds" almost blew his mind :)

After Ryan ate about his 4th helping of sweet corn and his second dish of ice cream today, it was getting clear that this "no nap" thing in tandem with his selective diet was clearly not working. It was a bit of chaos and I feel bad for baby Saylor who was clinging to her daddy with a look on her face like, "If this is what my cousins are like, I want to go home and just hang with Milo."  I also feel bad for Lincoln, who's fingers got smashed in a door (and since when we walked in on Ryan hugging him and saying "Sorry, Lincoln," we have a good idea of who was responsible). Emily can hold her own in the chaos, but chose to retreat to a back bedroom to play on the ipad.

We tried to head out on time and Ryan fell asleep on the way home. I hope he pays off his sleep debt tomorrow to give Adam some time to enjoy his day off.

We love seeing family and have so much to be thankful for...but we may not do 2 full Thanksgivings in the same day anytime soon. :)

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