Thursday, December 1, 2011

2 years + 2 months old

Ryan has fully embraced the "two's" for better or for worse. He has become a little more silly, defiant, imaginative, demanding, skilled, and talkative (if that's possible).

He has a terrific smile but it's been dimmed (literally) by little accident where he knocked one of his front tooth. It is now turning gray and will probably darken until it falls out. We're hoping it will stay in until the permanent tooth is ready to come in so it can keep the space ready for the next tooth, but only time will tell.

Although he's still doing well in his "big boy" bed, we have given in to letting him have his "my" back. He lasted about a week and a half but after a few difficult naps and nights, I decided I'd rather we both get sleep that he give up his pacifier, so he's back to having it in bed. He will sporadically go on his little potty, but we are not closer on potty-training. He will usually deny it if we ask if he has a dirty diaper, although everyone else in a 20 foot radius knows it!

Now that we have a DVD player in the van, Ryan's favorite request is to watch movies. His most-requested are: "Dirty Dog" (No Roses for Harry off Harry the Dirty Dog CD), "Thomas" (the tank engine), "Curious George", "Cat in the Hat" (which he usually tires of in 2 minutes), and "Bob and Larry" (Vegetales which he also doesn't actually watch, but he does love the CD we have from the library.) He doesn't actually get to watch movies at home that much, but it sure doesn't stop him from trying!

He still counts 2,4,6,7,8,9,10, 'leven and basically anything more than 2 is "'leven". He loves playing with K'nex, farm animals, cars, basketball, and soccer. He's getting a little more into coloring but peels all the paper off the crayons before he will use them. He's graduated from his high chair and prefers to sit on his knees on a regular chair. He won't wear a bib anymore either, but this sometimes makes a change of clothes necessary after every meal.

Ryan has gotten into pulling faces or loudly protesting when we do anything he doesn't like. He throws his head back, squeezes his eyes closed, stick out his tongue, and makes a half-screech/half-throwing up sound. So, that's fun. He still incessantly says, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" (or Daddy or Gamma) until you acknowledge him, but sometimes he forgets what he was going to say, so he has to start over. Whenever answering a question, he starts with "Ummmm..." and whenever explaining something he starts with "Because Because...." We do love listening to his stories, though!

Here are a few quotes:

Me (reading from his baby Bible): "Noah kept all his animals safe in the ark."
Ryan: "I keep my animals downstairs."

Me: "Maybe Daddy can read you a book tonight."
Ryan: "No-OO-oo. Daddy can't read."

Ryan (everytime we get into the van): "Mommy, man take Mommy's car!"

Ryan (if I am trying to do something for him): "NO! Daddy do it!"
Ryan (if Adam is trying to do something for him): "NO! Mommy do it!"
Either of these can be replaced by "NO! Gamma do it!" or anyone else who is around.

Me (turning on a touch lamp or faucet)
Ryan: "BIGGER!" That means make the lamp brighter or turn the faucet on more.

Me: "Nika! Get back in the house!"
Ryan: "Nika not good listener."

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