Friday, December 30, 2011

Bathroom Before and After

While Adam and Ryan were in Minnesota, I tackled a few projects, including painting both the bathroom and the office/music room. Adam put up the hardware when he got back to complete our bathroom makeover. It was purely cosmetic (the only kind of makeover we do) and included painting 3 walls blue, 1 wall brown to match the shower curtain, rug, and towels we had in our old house; replacing the silver/gold shower rod, towel/TP holders, drawer pulls; replacing the mirror with a framed one and replacing the gold 3-bulb vanity light with an oil rubbed bronze 5-bulb one.  My mom had purchased this light fixture shortly after we put up the exact same one in our old house. When she redid her bathroom, she took it down and saved it for us. We somehow misplaced the mounting plate, but after 3 days of trial-and-error, Adam finally rigged up something that worked. It saved us a bunch and made this overall a very affordable makeover!

Bathroom Before we bought the house:
Bathroom After:

Before we bought the house:
After update:

Before (moved in, but not updated):
After update:

 Before (gold/white hardware on vanity):
 After (oil-rubbed bronze hardware):
We decided after painting and switching out the hardware that the vanity and counter didn't look so bad and was worth keeping.

 We're really happy with the new look and I'm glad we're making some more progressive in making the house our own!

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The Van Aartsen Adventures said...

Love the makeover! Especially the colors - maybe because my entire house is the brown/blue/tan theme ;)