Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cake for Work (not "will work for cake", but interesting concept)

One of the programs I run at my job hit a milestone this week and I wanted to celebrate with cake! As usual, my "keep it simple" strategy spiraled out of control and pretty soon I had 2 cakes, 2 kinds of frosting in 4 colors, and a LOT of dishes! But, I was happy with the overall result.  I didn't have a real strategy to start with, just kind of made things up as I went along.

I ended up with an Old Fashioned Devil's Food round layer cake and a Peanut Butter 9x13 cake, both with "Fluffy Chocolate Frosting" from Chocolate from the Cake Mix Doctor. I used the classic Wilton Buttercream recipe for the decorative frosting.  The "rope" border was a new one for me and I liked it much better around the bottom than my first try around the top. I love how the logo turned out (I used a toothpick to mark it out first)and since I had some leftover yellow and green frosting, decided a few wagon wheels with grass were just what the sides needed (especially to distract from the drooping/messy rope!) The 9x13 cake was designed to be cut into pieces so I staked out territories with mini Reese's Peanut Butter cups and "RR" initials.

Reviews at the office were positive, but I came home with much more leftover cake than is safe for me to have around. Too many people are sticking to their "Body by Vi" challenge (or "Body by Ry") as one of the guy's dubbed his diet and the 7 dozen assorted donuts and scones dropped off in the morning didn't help either. Too many people's "empty calorie allotment" for the day had been filled by 2:00.  'Tis the season for meat & cheese trays and various pastries from all our vendors. I think that's the REAL reason people start dieting in January. Your Christmas meal only lasts one day, but the goodies given in the hopes you'll continue doing business last the whole month through. I've never heard someone say..."Oh, Printer A? They gave us CAKE donuts last year, and what were they thinking with the Triscuits? We're going with Printer B. They're more of a cinnamon rolls and Sociables kind of company." But I digress.

I might just be cranky because it seems we're usually bursting at the gills with all sorts of food -  taste-tests (hello-where else do you get "hot mashed potatoes" emails at 3:30?),  leftover subs or pizza from meetings, aforementioned vendor treats and traditional co-worker-provided baked goods aka Scotcheroos - and the one day this week I didn't have time to take a break for lunch, there was NOTHING to be found and I had to settle for some Mint Meltaways I bought from the Girl Scouts that I found stashed in my drawer. It was a long 10 hours.

Maybe I should keep the leftover cake in my drawer.

Just in case.

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