Saturday, December 31, 2011

Potty Training Readiness

How do you know if your 2-year-old is ready for potty training? I'm guessing this isn't one of the signs:

Feel free to call me insane, but we forged ahead anyway and started Potty Training Day 1 today, being this is the only 3-day weekend I'll have until Memorial Day and didn't have plans of any sort.

I'm calling it mixed results with the main problem being that after a the first few times, he refused to sit on the potty when I said it was time, so then he'd have an accident a little later. However, we ended the day on a positive note when he told me BEFORE he started going that he needed to go potty and then successfully completed the task on the big potty. Tomorrow I need to figure out how to make him drink more so he has more "opportunity" for success.

I've heard the best way to survive potty training is to drink a lot...but maybe they weren't talking about the kid.


The Van Aartsen Adventures said...

Are you trying the 3 day potty training method??

cobo said...

Kind of a combination of things. I wanted to do the "go sit on the potty" every 30 minutes or an hour and make him drink a lot" but after the first 4 times he refused to sit on the potty any more and it's hard to make him drink. I'm just having him wear underwear with no pants and if he gets it wet, we quick go finish in the potty, make him help clean up, etc. He will say "I have to go potty" but it's right after he starts going. So, we're trying to get him to figure out what it feels like BEFORE he has to go so he tells us. I'm sure I'm not doing it right but I can't get him to sit on the potty every hour.