Saturday, March 17, 2012

Christina's Shower

Adam's cousin, Christina, is getting married this summer at the Omaha zoo. We can't wait for the wedding and were happy to be able to attend her wedding shower on Saturday. Ryan did a great job eating lunch and then played downstairs with two other boys during the wedding shower games. I'm not usually a fan of shower games, but there were pretty cool ones you might be interested in if you ever find yourself in charge of a shower.

1. Apron of Kitchen Tools.  The bride-to-be walks into the room wearing a kitchen apron that has many kitchen utensils sewn onto it or in the pockets. She parades around in a circle so everyone can see, then leaves the room. Each guest gets a piece of paper and has to write down as many kitchen tools as they can remember that were on the apron.  Whoever remembers the most correctly wins a small prize and the bride-to-be gets to keep the apron and all the tools.

2. Adjectives. You are handed a sheet of paper that has half of it folded over and taped, so all that can be seen is a list of blank lines. Guests are instructed to fill in every blank with a different adjective. Once completed, you unfold the part that was taped down and it reveals a "story" about the bride's wedding shower and includes all of the adjectives you wrote in. Some of the stories turned out pretty funny!
After games, it was time to open presents. Christina and Jeff received many lovely things, but the best gift of the day for me and for Christina's brother and sister-in-law was an easy way to keep kids entertained: bubblewrap!

Ryan had a great time eating his first watermelon of the season and lots of other yummy food, including cake and ice cream. But his favorite thing was playing with the other kids and getting to see Uncle Andy and Aunt Kim, whom we haven't seen since Christmas!

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