Friday, March 30, 2012

Church Auction

The church we've been attending is raising funds to build a new building (the sanctuary of the old church has structural issues and has been condemned) so on Friday we attended an auction as part of the fundraising efforts. It was a fun night eating supper together, bidding on the silent auction items, and participating in the live auction. We got a few different things, including a Northwestern College bean-bag game (to be made) and a Lego table that was handmade using materials from the old church choir loft. It is a great size table for Ryan and has a handy storage drawer underneath for his Legos! It was a great auction and ended by bidding on 5 whipped cream pies to be thrown in the faces of a lawyer, a dentist, a tax collector, and the 2 ministers! It was a fun way to end the evening!

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