Friday, June 1, 2012

2 years & 8 months old

 Ryan loves the warmer weather that May brings because it gives him plenty of opportunities to play outside in his sandbox, play baseball, soccer, or run races in the backyard, or draw with chalk on the driveway. He also LOVES going fishing and has hauled in quite a few nice fish already!

His favorite indoor toys involve setting up all his farm animals and hitching up all his little tractors and wagons. He also still likes racing cars and building with his legos. His funny discovery today was folding himself up into a cardboard box, having Daddy close the lid and carry him around, then popping out of the top!

Ryan's current favorite foods are summer sausage and Colby-Jack cheese, grapes and watermelon, spaghetti, hot dogs, Chocolate Krispies, and his new love...."you know mommy that chocolate on a stick that I (demonstrates licking) and I bite and I hold?" This is how he describes a FudgePop since he can't seem to ever remember the name They are horrendously messing (I have even had to wipe down his leg and toes after eating one) but he loves them and will finish the whole thing.

Although he won't sit long enough during the day for it, Ryan loves reading books at night. I usually read him 3-4 of his library books each night but after we are done, he says, "Mommy, I want to read some books myself." And he will look through book after book by himself in his bed...literally 20-30 of them if we let him. He is getting to be more of a stinker when going to bed as he frequently gets out with excuses/requests, such as "I need my orange blankie,  I need my polka-dot blankie, I want the door open, I need a drink, I have to go potty, I need more books, Can you rub my back? Can you rock me? Can you lay down with me for just a lil' bit? What was that noise? and my all-time favorite: Mommy, I just need to get up and dance for a while." These excuses rarely work, but he gives most of them a whirl.  He also has decided that he can wake up if the sun is up. So, every morning he is up by 6:00 and there is no convincing him to go back to bed. He insists, "But Mommy, it's not dark anymore! The sky is orange!"

Ryan is doing a great job at counting objects, but if you ask him to "count to 10", he will start at 10. He can sing the ABC's, but sings the last line, "Now my owe my ABC's, next time wontchu sing wif me." He has a train floor puzzle with a piece for each letter and he can even pick out the right piece by sound. Like, if we say "S" makes a "ss-ss-ss" sound. Which picture starts with "ss" he can get snake. He also picked out tree for "tuh" sound, umbrella for "uh" sound, violin for "vuh" sound, watch for "wuh" sound.  Try to make an "x" sound and it's no wonder he picked out "zaweebra" (how he says zebra). He also knows his colors and picked up the difference between pink/purple as well as white, black, and brown this month.

Ryan's large motor skills have been developed for a while, dribbling a soccer ball, shooting baskets, kicking a football or kickball and occasionally connecting bat with ball. His throwing is improving as well. His fine motor skills have really come along in the last little bit and it's a relief he can hook up most of his small tractors and wagons himself now.  He likes playing "parade" with all his cars and animals and wants us to play "marching band" with him--we have to switch off playing the drums, trumpet, or being the conductor. We usually end up tooting out "Championship" although when my mom was here she refused and sang "Onward Comets" instead, haha.

Ryan will still be going to daycare most days in June while Adam coaches baseball, but will have a few shorter days when he'll be able to hang out with Dad more. We look forward to going to lots of baseball games and doing lots of fishing this summer!

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