Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Batman Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin

Ryan conned Adam's parents into leaving him one of the pumpkins they got at Pumpkin Land a few weeks ago and I've been wanting to carve it ever since. Since this was the first time I've been home in 3 days, I thought it would be a fun thing to tackle tonight and would help Ryan get his mind off the Batman costume he wouldn't stop begging for.

Last year I did 3 pumpkins, a beagle plus Dwight & Jim from the office. This year, I let Ryan pick the theme. Guess what he chose?

Here's the process:
After coming up empty on free patterns on the internet, I finally just looked through a bunch of Google image results and Ryan picked a Batman head & shoulder shot plus the iconic bat sign and I improvised from there. After resizing and printing a quick draft of the images, we started carving in the garage. I used this tip from Pinterest to cut the lid in the pumpkin and it was much handier having more access to scraping as well as lighting the candle!

Ryan quickly lost interest since he couldn't touch the knives and decided the insides were "yucky" so he entertained himself driving various vehicles and strollers around the garage, messing with the fake worms and very real hooks on the fishing poles, and attempting to take pictures with the camera.

Although most of the photos looked something like this...

...he did manage to get a few of the actual process: 

The final product didn't turn out too bad and Ryan thought it was pretty cool, so I think that's what counts!

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