Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Football: 3 for 3

Life seems to revolve around football this fall and this was never more true than this past weekend when I attended 3 football games in 3 days--high school, college, and pro! Here's an overview:

Game #1

Teams: Dutch vs. Warriors
Kickoff: 7:00pm Friday
Weather: 41 degrees and misting ("Broccoli Rain" as one of my co-workers would describe it--like the mist grocery stores spray on the broccoli just as you're reaching for it)
My Highlight: A stuffed punt by the son of one of my co-workers, getting to hang out with my cousin and her family. Also, hearing Ryan (who does not have a good "r" sound) yelling "Tackle the Woh-wee-oohs!"
Ryan's Highlight: Skittles, watching my cousin Colin play, and the Marching band
Lowlight: Besides the weather, Ryan descended into major meltdown mode by the 3rd quarter so we threw in the towel and went home in the 4th. Also realized his haircut scheduled for the next morning would be coming none-too-soon.
Outcome: DUTCH WIN! They not only improved their record to 5-4 and beat their big-time rivals, but they also made the playoffs!

Game #2

Teams: Raiders vs. Chargers
Kickoff: 1:00pm Saturday
Weather: 62 degrees and sunny (what a different a day makes!)
My Highlight: NWC had over 500 yards of offense and were leading halftime!
Ryan's Highlight: Skittles, seeing Daddy since he was on the sidelines instead of up in the box during this game, reciting the entire story of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" to the guy from church standing next to us (who was pretty entertained by it). He also loved dancing around in the back of the van before we left to go home (see video)
Lowlight: Afternoon games are during prime naptime for Ryan and by the 2nd quarter, he was laying on the ground and begging to be covered in a blanket. We left at halftime so he could take a nap before Abbie and Saylor came over.
Outcome: RAIDERS WIN and advanced 2 spots on the polls.

Game #3

Teams: Vikings vs. Cardinals

Kickoff: 12:00pm Sunday
Weather: Perfect, since it was in the dome! It was also pretty perfect outside-70's and sunny!
My Highlight: It was my first NFL game ever, I was there on a work trip so it was free (we had a big meeting the next day), and every time the Gjallerhorn sounded, I pictured someone standing up and yelling, "For Narnia!" It was actually pretty fun and I really hope Adam gets a chance to go sometime.
Lowlight: I got carsick on the way up to the game and feel bad for the dozen or more people in the Holiday parking lot who watched me only kind-of make it to the trashcan in front of the gas station to puke. I even had to change shirts after the incident--it was that bad. It was not one of my prouder moments. I never did eat lunch and was STARVING by supper time (when Old Spaghetti factory made me so full I had to waddle back to the hotel). Also, I was about 14 seats in from the aisle so only went to the bathroom once where there were 35 women in line outside the restroom and it wasn't even halftime Not joking. Not cool for a 32-week preggo woman who's been holding it for a good 20 minutes just to avoid making everyone stand up.

I'm not saying I'm a good luck charm or anything, but my teams WERE 3 for 3 this weekend with me in the stands!

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