Friday, October 5, 2012

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, at the office we are wearing pink and enjoying "Think Pink" treats each Friday along with sending out some facts/information about Breast Cancer. Since the Party Planning Committee that I'm  a part of was the one who planned these events, I volunteered to make the treats one week. Since I had a bit of leftover frosting from Ryan's birthday cakes, I decided to try to make giant chocolate chip cookies that I could frost.  Luckily, I knew just where to get four 14" pizza pans and large pizza boxes :). 

I used this recipe from and should have paid more attention to the reviews/comments that suggested it makes a little more dough than short-lipped pizza pans can handle. If I had, I may not have had a house full of smoke and overflowed cookie dough burning to a crisp in the bottom of my oven.  So, my best advice is, if you double the recipe, this makes enough to fill two 14" pizza pans PLUS a 9" cake pan. Also, you have to bake them one at a time.  I also didn't bake them quite as long as the recipe calls for and they were a bit underdone which is how I like them!

After decorating, here's how they turned out:

Since we set them out on a Friday afternoon, there weren't enough people left in the office to finish them off, but I left some out for the weekend Cleaning Crew and put one in the fridge for Monday. Leftover treats always make Mondays better!

Since I learned my lesson with the first batch of overflowing dough, I pulled some dough out of the second double batch and made a 9" cookie. Using leftover frosting from Ryan's Red Raider football cake, I decorated this one with red and chocolate frosting to give to one of the linemen Adam coaches whose birthday it was this week (I usually send chocolate chip bars for birthdays). I'm not sure college guys appreciate decorating so much (they go for quantity over prettiness of food) but hopefully he enjoyed it!

I'll probably make these again, but only when I have frosting readily available!

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