Monday, October 1, 2012

Ryan's Birthday

Today was Ryan's actual birthday and since Adam was going to be gone all night, we had him open some of his presents from us in the morning. I still have a few presents left but one needs returning and I might just save the other ones for a "rainy day" when he needs something new.  He got some farm accessories like feed and water troughs and a shelter for his cows, some Junior golf clubs (Lord, help us, these could do some real damage) and his own Bug Catcher set.

 (Ryan loves wearing hoods, by the way. He says they are "warm and cozy".)

 Since he didn't have that much fun on Saturday (basically me trying to keep him out of everything in the kitchen all day), I decided that he could choose our activities for the night on Monday. On our way home from daycare he decided that first he should have a snack and then we should go looking for some bugs. Unfortunately, the only bugs we could find outside where the honey bees that hang out near our deck and instead of risking getting stung, he decided to settle for catching a fly in the bathroom :).  After giving him a few choices of what else we could do, he decided on Pumpkinland. He loved looking at the animals again, especially since it wasn't busy. His favorite thing this time was being able to hold a kitty. He picked out a small pumpkin to take home but was more excited about the Ring Pop that I compromised by saying he could have it after supper.

Once the sun started going down, we headed to "Old McDonalds" for supper.  When I asked him where he wanted to eat, he had said, "Um...probably Chinese or something," (don't know how that came to mind since he's had takout exactly twice and his only trip to a Chinese restaurant was one rice-throwing disaster) but once I mentioned McDonalds as a possibility, there was no turning back. He usually only gets McDonald's on road trips, so it was a real treat (for him).  Although my Frappe hit the spot, I find all food options barely tolerable now that they don't have Chicken McBites anymore.  He polished off chicken nuggets, apples, and chocolate milk and loved the light-up jack o' lantern toy that came in his Happy Meal, then got properly sticky from the Ring Pop on the way home.

After we got home, Juliana, Carter, and Colin stopped by to wish him a Happy Birthday and he loved the new farm animals they got him! He really loves you guys and we feel blessed to have you take such an interest in Ryan's life!

I'll end on a positive note and pretend the night ended at 8:40 when Ryan went to bed and not 10:10 when he finally went to sleep. Overall, I think he had a great birthday!

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