Sunday, October 28, 2012

Change of Weekend Plans

Ryan and I had been looking forward to going to my sister's this weekend to celebrate my niece's 6th birthday. Ryan had been counting down all week and mentioned it every day. So, when I woke up at 5am on Saturday morning throwing up, all I could think of was how disappointed he'd be if he couldn't go. I tried to fight through it and took a shower, starting to get ready (I'm a big believer in "if you don't act sick, you don't feel sick") but as it got closer to 7:00, and I continued to throw up every half hour, I realized there was no way I could survive a 4-hour drive and shouldn't bring my germs into another household.  When Ryan came up the stairs he said, "I'm all ready to go to Emily and Lincoln's house! I am so lucky!" When I told him that Mommy was feeling sick and I didn't think I could go, you should have seen his lip quiver. He said, "But who is going to bring me?"  Luckily, I'd been texting my mom and she graciously offered to take Ryan along with her and my dad even though I couldn't go. In the end, I figured it was for the best--not only would Ryan still get to have his fun weekend, but we could keep him away from whatever bug I had and I'd hopefully be able to get some rest and get over it quickly. (Adam was gone for the day, late into the night since their game was in Mitchell).

So, Ryan headed off with Grandpa and Grandma by 8:30am and I spent most of the day in bed. I am so glad he got to go because from the text updates my mom sent, he had a great time.
Ryan and Lincoln racing Plasma cars.

Helping Aunt Megan decorate Emily's cake.

Lincoln and Ryan "cleaning" the frosting spoons

Frosting Face
Emily's Star Cake.

Grandpa playing "horse".
Sending us a "good-night" picture from the hotel.

On Sunday, they went to church and had Emily's party and are on their way home. I can't wait to hear all about it from Ryan! As disappointed as I am in having to miss this fun weekend, I am just grateful that my parents were able to take Ryan along and honestly, being sick is a lot more manageable if you are home all alone and not responsible for keeping a 3-year-old entertained (letting the dog out was as much as I could handle yesterday).  My goal for the day was to keep myself out of the hospital for dehydration, so I finally got some Powerade and then soup to stay down at about 5:00pm. I never did sleep all day, but got a good night's rest, went to church, and took another nap after dinner, so I'm on the mend. It made be so grateful that I've never had to be put on bed rest during pregnancy because after just 1 day of sitting/lying around, my hips and back ached so much and I felt like I lost so much strength. I am also grateful that this bug, or whatever it was, lasted less than 24 hours and didn't require anything more than rest, liquids, and waiting it out. So, not the weekend I planned for, but I still have a lot to be thankful for. Sorry I missed your party, Emily! I hope you have a great birthday week!

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Life of the Lorenzens said...

I'm bummed you couldn't come, but I'm glad you got some rest and are feeling better. Ryan did great. I'm sure he had lots to say when he got home!

The cake was nowhere near "Custom Baked" quality, but it was passable and Emily loved it, which is what really counts. I'm just impressed that I managed to frost the entire thing with black, red & blue frosting and not get any on my white fleece vest! (Although I didn't look too closely)