Monday, January 28, 2013

Castle Craft

After watching a Curious George episode in which George acts in the community play as a knight and figures out how to defend the castle from the dragon Charky the dog, I asked Ryan if he wanted to build a castle.  We just kind of made up things as we went with this activity.

First, I cut a cardboard box into a castle, including a drawbridge, which was a big part of the Curious George storyline. We used some gift wrap cardboard rolls with paper cones for towers and painted the castle by dipping a rectangle-shaped piece of sponge into some leftover acrylic craft paint.
 Ryan decided the castle needed some knights, dragons, and princesses and since we don't have any of those in our toy collection, he helped pick images off the computer that we printed out for him to paint with watercolors. He tired of painting after a dragon and a half, so I ended up finishing the princesses with color dictation from Sir Ryno.  Then, we glued the princess in the window to the front of the castle and the rest of them to pieces of cardboard tubes so they'd stand up. Rudimentary, but Ryan didn't seem to mind.

I thought he'd tire of the whole castle thing, but that night and the next day, he got it out to play "good guys vs. bad guys" with his Super Heroes.
 It's a little far from a bat cave, but it looks like the Super Heroes are enjoying their new home.

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