Monday, January 21, 2013


I thought it was time to document a few of Ryan's quotes.

Ryan is motivated by the idea of becoming a "big strong football player for Daddy's team" and when eating just about anything (including "Mad-a-mas-car mac & cheese") he'll claim that it will give him big strong muscles.

When I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he said, "When I grow up, I'm going to be a big strong football player for the Vikings...or for a good team."  Right on.

After my mom brought over a Lakeshore Learning catalog and Ryan spent an hour pointing at all the toys he "needed" or that "we should borrow", we had a talk about having lots of nice toys and that we weren't going to buy any more toys right now.  When laying down for a nap a few days later, Ryan said, "I hope I dream about all the things in Grandma's catalog that cost money."  Keep dreaming, kid.

Another day he was complaining about his toys and I told him if he didn't appreciate all the nice toys he had, maybe we should give them away to someone who would. He countered with, "We should sell COHEN to someone else instead."

What do all 3-year-old boys like talking about? Here's a clue: You're in another part of the house and you hear him yell, "Whoa! That's a long one!"  If you guessed rolling play-doh into snakes, you would be right...on a different day. On this particular day, it was an observation he was making about what he had just produced in the potty.

He also explained to me how poop is made, "It starts in my toes and in my head and then gets pushed down into my tummy and then a machine makes the poop in my tummy."

He also heard Cohen inhaling and exhaling loudly while I was feeding him and asked if that was the "machine making milk in your tummy". We're just going to leave that one alone.

I asked if he wanted to go to the beach and the ocean when we go to Florida this summer and he was very against it, but I figured out it's because he knows sharks are in the ocean. I explained that they don't come near the shore and he went on to say, "Sharks are not friendly, but whales are friendly and dolphins are friendly and if I ever saw a dolphin, I would throw a beach ball to it and it would catch it on it's nose and hit it back to me. And me and Wade would race the dolphin in the water and there would be a tape for the finish line and I would win." Good plan.

Here are some "mis-cues" or "mispronounciations" that are lingering:
  • Substitutes "d" for "th" at the beginning of a word, like "dese" instead of "these"
  • Substitutes "f" for "th" at the end of a word, like "paf" for "path"
  • Sticks his tongue between his teeth for "s" sounds, like "thnaketh" for "snakes"
  • "R's" at the beginning of a word are getting closer, but "r's" elsewhere are not, like "foit" for "fort" or "bwownie" for "brownie"
  • Substitues "l" for "y" at the beginning of a word, like "lellow" for "yellow", but he's getting much better at this one, saying "ee-hello" like we taught him, or saying it correctly if he says "yee-haw" first.

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The Dude said...

Ryan just passed the first semester of medical school. After the poop machine comes curriculum related to cooties. It's all downhill after that.