Thursday, January 10, 2013

Foyt Ryan

Tonight Ryan decided to build a "foyt" (fort) with the kitchen chairs and some blankets and then filled it with all of his stuffed animals and pillows. He liked using his flashlight inside since it was so "doyk" (dark)...yes we're still working on the "r" sound, and the "th", and the "s."

He wanted Cohen to come inside to play with him. (But not Nika. "Dogs don't belong in foyts.")

Cohen was pretty content to just chill inside.

Except when Ryan started messing with his feet.
But I'm glad Ryan wants to include his brother and it is fun to listen to the quiet little voice he uses to say "Hi, Cohen! Hi, buddy!" (while all up in his face) and how he comes in from daycare in the afternoon, finds Cohen and tells him that he missed him, or makes sure to give him a kiss on the head before leaving in the morning or before bed.  It won't be too long before these two will be building foyts to-ge-der!

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