Thursday, May 7, 2015

Avonlea: 6 Months Old

 Our little flower child is 6 months old already! It's cliche to say the time has gone fast, but it is honestly hard to believe. I feel like she's grown up a lot in the past month, pushing into 9 month clothes, pushing her self way up during tummy time, playing with toys, and giving us lots of smiles and laughs. Since I haven't had a lot of time to update the blog between monthly "updates", I'll post some of my favorite pictures of her from the past month here. We enjoy our sweet pea so much!
Flare jeans and flower child shirt.

Flower headband
Big bow for a little girl!

Look at me! I can push myself up!
Loves laughing at herself in the mirror!
Loves stroller rides, especially if you talk and smile at her.

Her little "floof" of hair at the top 
Had to get her a pizza shirt.

Never want to forget what she looks like when she falls asleep in my arms.
Sitting on the bed, helping me fold laundry.
Sunday dress.

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