Friday, May 1, 2015

Ryan: 5 Years, 7 months

The year is winding down for Ryan but he's had a few fun things going on. One thing he had fun doing was accompanying Adam to chaperone a Junior High dance. He had fun eating popcorn and watching a movie but also told me when he got home he was "exhausted" from dancing with all the girls. He'd kind of got a thing with Junior High girls.
Talking with his hands--just like his mom.
He's finishing up the year at preschool and really enjoyed a field trip to Pizza Ranch. They did a unit on careers and I was not surprised to see that on the "What I want to be when I grow up" poster, he answered "Chef." He has made it clear that he doesn't want to have any sort of job that involves "hard work" like construction or a fireman or a farmer.

Kindergarten Round-up
We had kindergarten screening and the teacher said he did great and is absolutely ready. When she asked him to count to 10, he counted to 100! He also got to attend kindergarten roundup and after a little hesitation in the van, he eventually warmed up and had a great morning. He knew lots of kids there from preschool, church, and the neighborhood. I really think he'll love it!

Another new interest he's had, which you will notice if you spend 5 minutes with him, is Transformers. There are a few kid-friendlier cartoons like "Rescue Bots" that we let him watch sometimes and now he pretends to transform into different vehicles and things, complete with sound effects. This is sometimes helpful like when he transfers into a bulldozer to pick things up or when we could convince him to carry a lawnchair on his back because he could then "transform" into a chair. It also sparks a lot of imagination building his own transformers with Legos. I could do with out the constant sound effects, but gives me hope that he might make it to "the Sing-off" as a beat-boxer someday.

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