Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cohen: 2 years, 5 months

Cohen is all ready to play his role of little Dutch boy in the Tulip Festival this month! Here are a few of his recent "favorites"
Breakfast: key lime Yoplait yogurt and Lucky Charms
Meal: chicken, brats, corn
Book: Curious George and the Costume Party, Curious George's Dream, any Little People lift-the-flap books
Playmate: Avonlea...just look at these two!

Outdoor activity: run around/away at Ryan's soccer games, ride the Plasma car down the street, play with the sand/water table.
Indoor activity: coloring, fishing game, following Ryan around, swatting flies
Bedtime routine: bath, picking out his own pajamas, showing his pajamas to whoever didn't dress him, brushing teeth, locating his blue blanket and "Monkey", reading a few books on one of our laps on his bed, then asking "you lay down by me?" He doesn't want a CD on and is usually asleep by the time Ryan goes to bed.
Morning routine: Once in a while, he's show up in our roomin the early morning hours, sometimes getting to snuggle with us if it's within 30 minutes of alarms and I'm too tired to bring him back downstairs. Otherwise, he comes up with Ryan, toting his blanket and monkey and asking for breakfast.

Cohen loves going to nursery at church and plays well side-by-side with other kids. We see a few glimpses of "terrible two tantrums" now and then, but generally he's a pretty agreeable guy! We love our silly cocoa bean!

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