Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tulip Festival 2015 - Scrubbing Streets

After 3 years of being resident observers, we decided to dive into participating in the Tulip Festival this year. Some of it was prompted by Cohen and Adam's role in posing for the art commissioned for this year's festival, the fact that it was the 75th festival, my relatives who are in charge of various aspects, and just making a conscious effort to create some fun traditions with our kids.  We had costumes made for the boys to match the one in the painting, Adam rented, and Avonlea and I borrowed dresses. It's amazing how well all our costumes went together! We had a little dress rehearsal before the big day, just to see how long it took to get all of us put together!

The first parade we dressed for was Friday's afternoon parade. It had been raining steadily and we made a last-minute decision to actually go for it, so it was a big rush to get ready, then a long wait at the parade route as everything got pushed back. It was fun to see everyone in their different costumes. After the wait, Cohen and Avonlea ended up falling asleep in the stroller right as the parade began...but I think it was a great way to ease into the activity.

Collins, Cohen, and Ryan

We skipped watching Friday night's parade and got in full gear again on Saturday for the biggest parade of the festival. It was warmer that day and had a great crowd. This time Cohen actually walked for part of it, pouring his little bucket of water on the street. Ryan hung back with the ladies so he wouldn't get caught in the little-boy water fights, then they enjoyed watching the whole parade with Grandpa and Grandma (and eating a shaved ice-bribe for being agreeable during the parade).
Budweiser Clydesdales in the background.

Despite a few mishaps (like Ryan ripping the entire sleeve off his new costume the first day and Cohen needing an emergency trip home for new shorts one night) and meltdowns (like Ryan running away and hiding after getting upset about rides), we overall enjoyed getting involved and participating in the festival. It's fun to join together with many of our friends and neighbors to showcase our Dutch heritage. I hope you'll join us next year!

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