Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July

It's always great when the 4th of July falls on a weekend and although we didn't have any travel plans, it's always nice to have a 3-day weekend. We kicked off my day off on July 3rd with our weekly donuts from the bakery (since they would be closed Saturday). We went out to Pizza Ranch at lunch and then went swimming at night at the town pool. 

On Saturday we headed to Adam's parents for supper, family time and fireworks. Everyone had a great time and Avonlea lasted until halfway through the fireworks until she fell asleep in cousin Ronda's arms.

Flashing rings from Great-Aunt Glenday on their toes!
Broomstick pies

First S'more of the season
Cohen opened it up and ate the chocolate first...son of his mother, for sure.

Cohen with a sparkler is a danger to everyone.

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