Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cohen: 2 Years, 7 Months

These pictures seem to show Cohen's ever-developing personality. You may notice a slight "moustache" in this first pic and friends, that isn't chocolate. That would be the result of Cohen bolting from the garage to the street in order to crouch down to drink from a dirty mud puddle. Yes, a mud puddle. He will drink anything from water from the sand table to the hose to water just siting on the street. No idea what to do about it either.

In these other pictures you'll see Cohen doing his favorite thing...hanging out outside. He likes his new sunglasses and LOVES the plasma car. His legs aren't quite long enough to reach the pedals of any of the other toys we have, but he is just the right height to push the plasma car at an alarmingly high speed.

He is fond of slides, especially going down them on his stomach or climbing up them. I think he enjoyed Monday nights when I would usually skip going to teeball practice and just hang out with him and Avonlea, usually at the park.
Cohen has got personality for days and it's just funny having a conversation with him. We are noticing longer and longer sentences and more evidence of "thinking ahead" such as when he yelled down the stairs to Ryan, "Ry-RUN! Can I pway wif your Angee Birds? Even the ones you have set up? Ok, fanks!" His biggest threat, usually directed at inanimate objects such as water sprinklers, sand, swings, etc. is "I'm going to punch you in the facee." or he'll throw the insult "bad-ee in the face-ee." No idea where it came from and our best efforts to stop him from using this threat have so far been unsuccessful. So, accept our advance apologies if you hear him threatening to punch the wind or a baseball in the face.

He is also starting to play imagination games with various toys such as Angry Birds, Captain Hook, Super Heroes, etc. He can build some basic Lego and Kid K'nex things (usually involving some sort of "boomer"). He recognizes and remembers many more people now and calls everyone his "fend."

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