Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ryan: 5 Years, 9 months

Ryan has really enjoyed being home this summer. It's allowed him to have a lot more time to play with his own toys instead of just an hour or two at night. This may be one of the main reasons he's been so into Legos lately...he actually has time to think of and complete larger projects.  He has a few Lego sets (firetrucks, cabin, basic house/car) but lately he has been mixing all the pieces up to create his own vehicles, dwellings, and transformers (he'll have a way to transform something from a robot to a vehicle, for instance). One of my favorite inventions was a garbage/recycling truck he created with a whole process of where things went in to be transformed into something new when it comes out the other side!  Besides Legos, he still enjoys playing with his Swith N Go Dinos (and even bought a new one with some birthday money he found) and setting up all his Angry Birds--never in the configuration they were designed, but always in inventive new ways.

 A big milestone this month was learning to ride his bike without training wheels! After being quite resistant to the idea, he practiced while I was away at meetings for a few days and surprised me when I got home. We still need to work on starting by himself and going up hills, but he is doing great.

While I was gone, Ryan also attended Bible School at our church and had a great time! Here he is at the family picnic night where you will often find a gaggle of junior high girls.

Ryan also kept busy playing tee-ball 2 nights/week with Adam helping to coach. He has been learning about fielding and running the bases, but hitting is still his favorite part. He let his hair grow long this month, mostly because he kept losing ipad privileges for a week and didn't want to sit through a haircut without it. 

He's made some new friends through tee-ball and continues to have fun playing with multiple neighbors (kids and adults). He is sure enjoying summer!

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