Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Avonlea: 8 Months

Baby girl is 8 months old! New developments this month include her first 2 teeth (bottom) and lots more chattering (see video). This means she's getting too loud for church sometimes. 

She can sit unassisted now, can take a bath in the big bathtub if we are right next to the tub, and is rolling all over the place. She isn't crawling and doesn't get up on her knees by herself, so we have a little bit of time until she's fully mobile.

With her new rolling skills, sleeping has been slightly  more inconsistent because she'll roll into an awkward position with her face stuck against the crib or a leg or arm through the bars and doesn't know how to roll back. 

She's getting more used to baby food and we're trying to feed her food 2-3x/day as well as continuing to nurse. Peas, chicken with rice, and pear-pineapple seem to be her favorite.  She likes to explore on the floor but has also been content hanging around outside either in the stroller or the exersaucer in the shade. She tried swimming and really seems to like it! Most of the time, she's just watching her crazy brothers and trying to get a word in!

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