Friday, July 17, 2015

Old Friends

We had two fun opportunities this month to meet up with some of my old high school friends. Two different friends were back in the area visiting parents and it happened to be two different groups that could make the schedules work.

It's so fun to catch up with people that you don't see often, even if they do live in the area. We all have kids around similar ages, so it was great to see them play together and so fun to see how much many of them resemble their parents!

Catching fireflies

Moms (Heather Stef, Deanne, me, Becca) and kids

Silly kids! (and yes I am supporting Avonlea's head!!)

Snapchat from Aftin, me, Carissa, and Dorinda

Rides from Arvin

Enjoying the heat

Scavenger hunt
Walter was the "reader" on our team and he and Ryan figured out the clues. Cohen was the designated tag-a-long

Getting photo-bombed by one of the kids

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