Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Family Fun Night

On Wednesday Night of my works Summer Meeting, we had a Family Fun Night. Over 800 people got to enjoy supper and spend the night at Kalahari's indoor theme park. Ryan had a great time and got to try all sorts of new things! He loved riding different jungle animals on the carousel, tried out some swings, took his first ride on a Ferris Wheel and even tried a rocking airplane (see video below). 
 He really wanted to ride the Go-Karts on the suspended road course, but of course, didn't meet the height requirements. A close second were all the arcade-style racing games that made him feel like he was really driving a car (and beating Grandpa). My mom was proud that another generation is being taught how to enjoy video games without putting any money in the slots.

We weren't sure how he'd do on the Airplane (little kid version of a rocking Pirate Ship), but it helped that the other kids were laughing and having a good time, so he just copied them. When the operator asked if they all wanted to ride again, I thought we better not press our luck.

There were lots of things for the older kids including Go-Karts, mini golf, a climbing wall, ropes course, and a full bowling alley, but plenty for the little kids to do as well.  Thanks, Pizza Ranch, for a really fun night spent together with all our families!

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