Friday, June 8, 2012

Kalahari Waterpark

The night we arrived at the Kalahari, we explored the indoor waterpark. I don't have any pictures, because we were having a fun time in the water! Ryan was pretty skeptical of the splashing/fountains/water cannon, but got braver and braver when it came to slides. He finally found a medium-sized slide that he loved and went down it at least 25 times in a row!

He tried out the outdoor waterpark with my parents once and on the last night we spent a few hours there all together.  Here are a few shots of the outdoor park:


 After floating in the lazy river for a long time, Ryan was ready to jump in!

One for the money, Two for the show...
 Three to get ready...
 ...and Four to go!

  We had a great time at the waterpark and hope we can go back sometime!

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