Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kalahari Resort

We were impressed with the Kalahari Resort. It's a giant place with many activities and amenities and would be a great place to take your family on vacation.  Besides the waterpark, here's a few things we enjoyed at the resort:

Riding the cart when hauling up all our Khrut.
Ryan figured out key cards and was in charge of opening the door for us:
Mom and Dad liked sitting on the balcony and Ryan liked setting up his tractors, cars, and farm animals that he brought along:
 The whole resort has an African theme and Ryan loved seeing all the animals (except the warthog, he was a little spooked by that one). It was too dark for good pictures, but here's one of the elephant statues.

Look! It's a Ryno on a rhino!
 They had many kids' activities during the day, like painting pottery, decorating cookies, and lots of arts and crafts. Most of them were during Ryan's naptime, so we didn't take advantage of them this time, but it looked like lots of fun. One thing we did take advantage of one night was the ice cream shop in the lobby. Here Ryan is enjoying his "Blue Moon" Froot Loop-flavored ice cream. I had a delicious Iced Latte-Da cone and it's probably a good thing we didn't try it until our last night or it could have turned into a nightly stop!

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