Saturday, June 16, 2012

Farm Tour

Each year the Western Iowa Dairy Alliance puts on a Dairy Open House and this year the farm tour was held at my dad and uncle's farm! The farm has been in our family since 1960 and used to be run by my grandpa and his sons. After he died in a farming accident, my grandma and her sons ran it until my dad and one uncle took over. They now milk 140 cows, raise their own calves, grow 550 acres of crops, and feed 500 hogs. Ryan loves going to the farm and was excited to go on this special tour of Grandpa's farm!
After a quick breakfast at the Agropur cheese plant, he got to ride on his first school bus ever! Don't be fooled by the look on his face, he was thrilled to get to ride a bus!
We had to put on some blue plastic booties to "protect the herd and protect ourselves". 
Abbie's a little more excited about them than Ryan.
 It was awesome to see so many people enjoying my dad's farm!
He checked out the calves and cows, including two one-day old calves.
He also got to watch a sheep being sheared.
The Kansas City Chiefs mascot, KC Wolf was also on hand to promoted the "Fuel up to Play 60" NFL program.
Ryan sat in grandpa's big red tractor.
He got a cow hat from the Dairy Princess and had fun playing in the corn.
 After the tour, we got back on the bus to catch a ride back to the cheese plant where they had ice cream. Nothing like a Champ cone at 11am!
It was a great morning and the other friends that brought their kids there said they had a blast. WIDA did a great job putting on this event and we couldn't be prouder of the way people were able to enjoy the family farm!

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Life of the Lorenzens said...

Hey--thanks for letting me steal your pictures and plagiarize your blog post! Sure wish I could have been there myself!