Thursday, September 12, 2013

9 Months

At 9 months, Cohen is much more mobile. He can crawl very fast and will make it from room to room before we even know what's happening! His favorite things are to bang Nika's metal bowls on the ground (and try her dog food) and navigate among the chair and table legs in the kitchen. He can pull himself up on chairs and the couch and is so proud when he's standing up! He loves to walk holding on to my fingers and can even walk behind his lion toy a little before he resorts to walking behind it on his knees.

He loves to smile at us but prefers Ryan over anyone. He will laugh at just about anything Ryan does--one fun game lately is that when we are walking in the stroller, Ryan will walk ahead of us and any time he turns around, Cohen will giggle so loud! He experiments with other sounds like blowing with his tongue out and even does an "elephant sound" with pursed lips. He'll say the syllables "dadadada" and "mamama" sometimes but not in reference to us. It's fun to hear him talk, though!

Cohen has gotten over any sort of anti-vegetable feelings and now will eat pretty much anything. In addition to pureed fruits and vegetables, he's also had some chicken, beef, and is just starting finger foods like Cheerios, bread and noodles.

We've decided to stop letting him get up at night to eat so if he cries, we just give him a little bit of time to calm back down or rub his back a little for comfort.  If he's tired in the morning, he'll squint at me and lay back down, covering his face, but if he's ready to wake up, he'll sit up and put his hands on his head, or pull himself up to standing in his crib.

The blond hair is getting longer but still has that cotton-candy consistency that is hard to tame. His eyes really stand out with the blond hair. He's getting into 12 month clothes and looks like such a little man with his jeans and shoes!

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