Sunday, September 1, 2013

Family Photo

My family is notorious for not being able to get a good family picture.  There is usually much noise and thrashing and general uncooperation... and the kids don't like it either.

I jest.

My mom mentioned earlier in the week that all of us would actually be together for Sunday dinner (usually the only time we are all together is Christmas) and maybe we should take a picture? I brushed it off when I thought my sister had vetoed it, but when we showed up for lunch, there were chairs in the backyard and my aunt was waiting with my mom's camera. Good thing we had come right from church. My younger sister's family had not gotten the notice on the picture either and had come in shorts and tees, but they ran home to put something on too. I only tell you this so you know that this veritable rainbow of polos was completely coincidental. We must just be a naturally colorful family. Of course, my little one had to be the one not looking in the picture, but  this is by far the best picture we've ever gotten.

Love my colorful family!

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