Saturday, September 21, 2013

First Raider Home Game

After two far-away games, we were glad to be able to go to our first home varsity football game. It was cool in the morning, but warmed up so much that Ryan ended up taking off his socks and shoes and rolling up his pants and even spent some time chilling on a blanket under our legs. I was grateful for Adam's parents' help with the boys during the game. Cohen did great at the game, but gets heavy after a few hours!  The game ended up being really close at the end, but the Raiders pulled it out 49-42.

We are proud of our coach and his team!

Ryan loves running on the field after the game but it means we usually have to peel off all his clothes in the garage to keep the turf residue out of the house.  This is what Momma means when she says "Leave it all on the field."

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