Saturday, September 28, 2013

NWC Homecoming

Although it was a chilly morning Ryan was excited for Andy and Kim to come with us to the "Morning on the Green" activities for Northwestern's Homecoming. He tried out almost all of the games:

After deciding he didn't want to do the football bouncy house, Ryan was gung-ho about the giant inflatable slide.

 ...until he got to the top. Apparently the "vertical rush" was a little intimidating from that viewpoint and he refused to come down.  Thank goodness for Aunt Kim who volunteered to climb up to get him and realized that he wasn't going to "come around" to the idea, so she just wrapped him up and headed down! She did say it looked pretty scary from the top because it was so vertical you couldn't really see the slide when sitting at the top.
Ryan also was also excited to get a balloon sword that miraculously made it through the day without popping.

After all the carnival games were complete, we checked out the new Learning Commons. Ryan thought the study chairs were "very comfy!"
 We also checked out the progress on the RSC and Ryan took a lap around the track with Andy.

We headed back to our house for lunch and then got to the game in time for kickoff. Ryan spent a majority of the game under a blanket playing on my old iphone. Cohen took a short nap but mostly just sat contentedly with whoever was holding him!  Ryan was excited when Saylor came to the game in the second half and they had a blast running around after the game on the field turf (which is still currently stuck to his new pants). The Raiders lost, unfortunately, but we still enjoyed cheering them on.

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