Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ryan's 4th Birthday Party

We held Ryan's party after the NWC Homecoming game.  It was nice to have Adam's brother and his wife home as well as my sister's family, grandpas, grandmas, and Great-Grandma Boote. It was also nice to have it on Saturday when Pizza Ranch is open! Easiest party food either and I didn't hear any complaints!

Ryan got to open presents after supper and was excited to get many of the top items on his list: a Bucky Pirate Ship from Jake and the Neverland Pirates and a remote control car (Adam even got one from his parents so they can race). We are thankful for all the fun toys and activities he received. He is having fun with all of them!

Saylor trying out the party blower while Ryan wields his sword.

 Ryan blew out the candles and we all enjoyed some cake and ice cream.

Then the kids tried out some of the toys.
Bucky the Pirate Ship

Throwing the "sticky guys" at the door.
Thanks to everyone who helped Ryan celebrate and for Megan's family even though the couldn't make it--Ryan put together the whole lego set the next day!  Ryan had a great day!

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