Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ryan: 3 years, 11 months

We stuck closer to home this month but still seemed to keep busy with activities.

Raider football started, so we went to the kickoff potluck and also a scrimmage. Ryan was quite squirmy during the scrimmage and managed to do anything beside actually watching the game, including dipping his hair into the water  setting in the bleachers after a morning rain.

Ryan's been growing out of his clothes so I've ordered some new fall stuff for him. He wasn't too excited about trying it on until I told him it was new "raider" clothes. Then he gave me his best football pose.

A little more practice needed on "right side out"
We've tried to remember to help Ryan build some independence and realize he can do many things if we just give him some encouragement to try it himself. We usually pick out his clothes, but he is responsible for getting dressed in the morning. At bathtime, he can put away the toys, drain the water,  dry off, go downstairs and get dressed for bed and can get his own toothbrush ready and brush his teeth, go potty, and pick out books to read. (This usually requires some prompting but at least he can be sent to do some of this alone instead of us helping him with shirts, toothpaste, etc.)  He can also help set the table and get his own silverware (everything else is too high to reach) and put his dishes on the counter after a meal.  He helps me wash and pick grapes and loves helping to measure and mix. We also put him in charge of bringing things out to the recycling bin in the garage. Now that he's moved to a booster seat, he can unbuckle, open the van door and close it behind him, but it is hard to buckle himself in.  He's practicing putting Nika on the leash but I don't trust her/him with that one yet. He also has a hard time determining which shoe goes on which foot, but once we tell him, he can do this himself.  Things we need to work on yet: buttoning, starting a zipper on a coat, washing well in the tub, combing hair (or even sitting still so we can comb it), opening the baby gate, and putting dog food in Nika's bowl without spilling.

Favorite activities this month include hunting for bugs/catching ants, sidewalk chalk, drawing with markers (sun, sky, dirt, grass and either a person or a flower), wrestling Cohen, chasing Nika, pretending to do karate and petting all the neighbor dogs when they walk by. He calls them his "doggie friends."

 A few "snapshots" of Ryan at this age I want to capture are when I leave for work in the morning, even though we've said good-bye with plenty of kisses and hugs, he waits in the front window until I back out of the garage so he can wave and blow kisses to me. When he hears the garage door open at night, he sprints to hide behind the flowered chair in the living room so he can "surprise" Daddy when he walks in. I also just love how he can make Cohen smile all the time, especially at meals. Ryan can also be quite sweet and tell me "You know what, Mommy? I love you so much. You're so pretty." He always notices if I wear something new and will compliment it every time. "Mommy, I like your new shirt!"  He sounds like such a grown up when we get home or are at the supper table, he'll say "So, daddy, how was school today?" or "Mommy, how was work today?" He'll even say "How's the weather going?" Such a conversationalist.

It's hard to believe he'll be four next month but I'm excited about all this school year will bring for him!

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