Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Cookies 2013

This year we frosted our annual Christmas cookies on Christmas day so everyone could help.  We decided on neon colors this year and it was a fun change. Ryan enjoyed frosting 3 of his own (with his own designated bowl of frosting and knife since he tends to sneak licks of frosting from the knife). He was the official sprinkler as well.

Unfortunately, my box of cookies must have shifted during our ride home and when I opened the lift gate, it fell out onto the garage floor upside down, breaking most of them and messing up all the frosting. So, we didn't get to share many this year and have slowly been eating them at home, one gingerbread appendage at a time.


Vander Maten said...

Dude… where were these? We were waiting for them all Christmas and they never appeared!!

cobo said...

Well we didn't frost them until Christmas day and the broke as soon as we got home that night. I didn't feel like hauling a box of smashed cookies to Mpls when we had 18 boxes of food already :) Maybe I'll make valentine cookies for you.