Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cohen: 1 Year Old

Dear Cohen,
We have been blessed with a year of your presence in our family. You are a joy. You are an answered prayer. You are a precious Child of God.

You look so handsome in your jacket, worn at your first birthday party, but are much more comfortable in long-sleeve bodysuits and soft pants or long sleeve tees and slicks. You take you shoes and socks off any chance you get, and your socks usually end up in your mouth or on top of your head (you can be a silly goof sometimes!)

You are a great eater, trying and liking almost everything we give you (except cottage cheese, but who could blame you?). You are a good drinking, transitioning effortlessly to whole milk and a sippy cup at meal times, although you still like you nap-time and night-time bottle. You are a pretty good sleeper, taking a short morning nap and long (3 hour!) afternoon nap at daycare, if only a 45 minute-1.5 hour nap at home. You sleep on your tummy/knees with your butt in the air and love to greet us in the morning with a huge grin, standing up in your crib, although some mornings you dive back down and hide your face, begging for just a few more minutes.

You like to play and explore, especially cupboards, Nika's dog dishes, the bathtub toys and toilet paper, clean laundry, and Ryan's toys such as the pirate ship, wooden blocks, trains, and farm animals. You are loving your new toys from your birthday. You also like board books, especially if there are things to feel or lift. You usually enjoy splashing in the bathtub but love standing up in the tub (no-no!) and sometimes need to be rescued from Ryan's attempts at swimming while you are sharing a bathtub.

You like to babble and sometimes we catch you saying what seem to be words (ball, uh-oh, da) but some might be on accident (books, nuts). You sometimes sign "more" when you want more food, but you kind of always want more food, so it's hard to associate.

There's nothing you like more than watching your brother. You usually laugh hardest when he is doing something he should be, like tackling you, play-fighting you, or just running around being loud and dramatically running into things and then falling down. You also like playing "bounce on the knee" games and crawling all over Daddy on the floor.

You are our little curious dude and we love you so much, Cocoa Bean! We are looking forward to another year and many more to come!

Mommy & Daddy

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