Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cohen's First Birthday Party

Cohen is One!

As we got ready for Cohen's first birthday party, I realized that Adam and I have slightly difference decorating strategies.  Here is my symmetrical backdrop

Here is what Adam did with wavy balloons:
The cakes were an improvise based on the plate/napkin design (which was from Oriental Trading).  The first was a chocolate cake with way-too-dry icing piped on top. This picture was taken sans the 5 "finger swipes" I discovered the morning of the party after storing it downstairs in the room next to *ahem* Ryan's room.

Cohen's "smash cake" was a yellow bundt cake decorated like a lion.

Lion/Circus birthday party table
After all the guests arrived, we had pork loin, smashed potatoes, creamy corn and fruit. Then, it was time to open presents! Cohen was semi-interested in the ribbons and bows but didn't understand how to unwrap. Luckily, he had some willing helpers!

He loves his toys, books, and other gifts and we are thankful for all the nice things he received. After presents, it was time for cake!

I'm pretty sure Cohen put his hands through the candle flame and Ryan blew it out for him. He tentatively poked at the frosting but again, Ryan demonstrated what to do with it. Once I served him a slice, though, he dug in and polished off the only slice of the sugar-free yellow cake (the rest was quickly consumed by the Middle School staff the next day).

Soon it was time to say good-bye to all our guests. We had such a nice gathering and are happy for all who could make it special!

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