Sunday, December 15, 2013

Trinity Church Christmas Program

Sunday Night was the big Christmas program. The K-5 kids did a great job telling us the Christmas story and reciting scripture from many characters in the Bible. The 4-year-olds just got up in the middle and sang "Away in a Manger" and recited a little poem. You could barely hear them, but I know a lot of them knew all the words!

Here we are practicing in the morning, just so the kids wouldn't freak out being on stage for the first time.

While peeling an orange for supper, Ryan practiced "Away in a Manger" but added his own "rap" interpretation:

Here they are all dressed up at the program:

Sadly, they did not do the rap version.

It was also a little difficult to hear the rhyme, but here it is:
"Shhh!" mooed the cow all cinnamon brown,
"Come to our stable, come bow down!"
"Shhh!" baaed the sheep so shaggy and white,
"A baby's been born in our stable tonight."
"Shhh!" cooed the dove a way up high,
"Listen to the mother's sweet lullaby."
"Shhh!" said the mother as she sang to her son,
"Praise be to God! A Savior has come!"

I'd call a bunch of smiling (not crying or puking) four-year olds a success.  Both Grandpas and Grandmas came and it was a very exciting night for Ryan. Thank you to everyone who put in so much work to put on the program!

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